Toxicology Department


Department of Toxicology consists of Toxicology and Residue Analysis Laboratories.


A. those matters falling under SECTION / LABORATORY STUDY


1. Diagnostic Services

The Institute is responsible for the suspected cases of poisoning with the materials of animal origin, animal feed and drinking water for pesticide analysis, mycotoxins analysis in animal feeds and feed raw materials, heavy metal analysis in animal feed, feed ingredients, water, muscle tissue, internal organs, blood and urine sent from the seven provinces in the Aegean region (İzmir, Manisa, Aydın, Muğla, Uşak, Kütahya, Denizli). Formaldehyde analysis in vaccines sent from The Veterinary Biological Products Control Dep. Are carried out.


2. Monitoring Programming and Special Request Analysis


Residue Analysis Laboratory of Toxicology Department is the National Reference Laboratory which is responsible for residue analysis of antibiotic residues, veterinary drugs, in foodstuffs of animal origin for human consumption and animal feed about inspection, importation, exportation, production permit and the analysis special request.


In addition, samples of special request anabolic residue analysis, analysis of aflatoxin, heavy metals and mineral analysis are performed.


These services include ELISA, Charm II, HPLC-DAD, HPLC-FLD, GC-MS, LC MS-MS apparatus is carried out​