Virology Department


Virological and serological diagnosis of viral diseases of farm animals and fish materials to be sent or brought from Provincial and District Directorate in case of suspicion of disease and also serological diagnosis of blood sera collected from imported ruminants in its field of responsibility of Institute are carried out by Virology Department.

As Fish Disease National Reference Laboratoy, it is carried out disease monitoring and/or survey programmes in accordance with EU Directives and OIE Aquatic Manual in case of diagnosis of notifiable viral fish diseases related to Law No 5996 on Veterinary, Plant Health, Food and Feed.

Virology Department provides in-service training including theoritical and practical application in its field of responsibility to official and private veterinarians, also specialist and candidate veterinarians who worked in other Research Institutes. It prepares the training programmes for the candidate researcher who started working in the department and responsible for their implementation. It contributes to preparing legislation and subcommitte working group meetings in the topics of animal health and combat against animal disease

Virology Department prepares and carries out researching projects in its field of responsibility. Also, it participates in projects prepared by other diagnostic departments and other research institutes.

It prepares and delivers training documents related to in-service seminar. It carries out extension services such as article, review, poster and notice related  to topics of animal health and research results.