Bacteriology Department


Bacterial and fungal epidemic diseases of all animal species are diagnosed with cultural and molecular methods especially in the Aegean region. Apart from the isolation and identification of the bacterial disease agents, antibiotic susceptibility testing is also carried out to assist in treatment and disease protection . Important bacterial diseases such as Brucellosis, Paratuberculosis and  Leptospirosis are diagnosed serologically while bacterial fish and bee diseases are diagnosed with culture and molecular methods. As for bacterial fish pathogens; samples sent from other laboratoires are confirmed. The department is accredited according to ISO 17025 for three test methods. Participation in proficiency tests is accomplished.


Theoretical and applied training is provided for veterinarians employed in the private sector as well as government veterinarians. It is also ensured that technical staff of the department receives training in national and international institutions.


Technical assesment for ministerial legislation regarding aquatic animal diseases is also a part of our department's duties. Research and publication activities  are also carried out; some of which through academic partnerships.​