Pathology Department


The department performs pathological diagnosis of all animal materials sent or brought to the department from the province and district that the Institute is responsible of with the suspicion of a contagious disease or disease with unknown etiology or materials from diseased animals not responding to medical treatment and all the biopsy materials.

In forensic cases, the department gives a result or an approach on pathological findings of the disease or the causes of death.


The department fulfills the National BSE Monitoring and Surveillance Program in the province of the Institute since 2001. Scrapie and FSE diseases are also included to the previously mentioned program in 2003. The department performs histological diagnosis of all bivalve molluscs diseases including the diseases subject to notice as a part of the unit of National Reference Laboratories. Since 2004 the department prepares and performs the National Monitoring and Surveillance Programs in Bivalve Molluscs Diseases.


The department gives theoretical and practical in-service educational seminars and joins subcommittees or regulation workshops on animal health and diseases control. Also prepares and conducts research projects on areas of interest. ​​