Bornova Veterinary Control Institute were established as a Regional Custom Laboratory operating under The Ministry of Agriculture in 1933 and this laboratory was active until 1949. In this year, due to the growing need for veterinary services in the Izmir province paralleled with the development of the country, this laboratory was enlarged and moved to its current location with the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture. The capacity of this laboratory was enhanced and gained the name "Veterinary Vaccine, Serum and Biological Materials Control and Research Institute".


In 1953 the name was shortened to "Veterinary Control and Research Institute" and the institute functioned as an associated establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture under this title till 1985. In 1986, institution was renamed according to the Ministry directives as "Animal Vaccines Control Center Directorate". Institute which worked under this title reverted back to its old name "Veterinary Control and Research Institute" with the approval of the Ministry. Manisa Poultry Diseases Research and Vaccine Production Institute was closed by the Council of Ministers in 2004 and all staff and assets transferred to the Bornova Veterinary Control and Research Institutes. In manisa establishment finalizing the production of vaccines, SPF units were continued to the activities. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has been restructured in 2011 by Decree No. 639. Once again the name of the institute was changed to Izmir / Bornova Veterinary Control Institute. Although the name changed a number of times, the principles and activities of the institute remained the same.​